A community-owned and delivered campaign to improved education engagement and performance.

Every Child in Education is an exciting and ambitious joint educational initiative between three communities – Rialto, Bluebell and Inchicore. It’s a unique local campaign to improve our children’s education and futures in our areas. Targeting local children and young adults it will achieve three critical things:


Improve local engagement in education and training.

For a whole host of understandable reasons, some children and families have negative associations with school. So, we’re working with families, schools and teachers to turn education into a positive.

We’re concentrating on the key moments of
transition in a child’s life:

Going into Primary

Moving from Primary to Secondary

Completing the Junior Cert.

Making it through to Leaving Cert.

Moving beyond Secondary school

  • Going into Primary
  • Moving from Primary to Secondary
  • Completing the Junior Cert.
  • Making it through to Leaving Cert.
  • Moving beyond Secondary school


Improve performance in education.

Once the children and young people are engaged positively in education, we’ll help them improve their performance while in school – so they find it easier and they perform better.


Improve the numbers of people moving into further education and training.

We will help to build higher expectations in the community that young adults will move on with enthusiasm to different vocational choices, further education, training and positive futures.


Canal Communities Regional Youth Service operates in the areas of Bluebell, Inchicore and Rialto. CCRYS was set up in 1999. It was established to support the many youth groups in the area that are run by volunteers and by paid workers through training, volunteer development and the development of youth group programmes. The idea of the CCRYS came from a group called the Children and Young People’s Forum within the Canal Communities Partnership back in 1997. A number of youth workers from youth projects and youth clubs came together and the idea of an organisation that would assist in the development of youth groups across the region emerged. It was agreed that the support to be offered would be to youth groups including sports and uniformed groups, youth projects and clubs, after school projects and services for young people marginalised by ethnicity, disability or educational disadvantage. The support would include networking opportunities volunteers, training, help in getting funding, cross community activities for young people to get involved in and advocacy on behalf of the groups. The CCRYS was seed funded by the partnership to get up and running and in 1999 through funding from the Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund, three workers were employed to begin the work.

Yeah Project

The Yeah project was set up in 2005 in a response to low educational qualification attainment in the three areas. The YEAH PROJECT was an educational intervention for Early School Leavers who left school without obtaining the Junior or Leaving Certificate. It worked with young people who may have had a negative or unsatisfactory interaction with mainstream education .The project offered the target group an opportunity to experience an informal adult learning environment in which the individual learner is acknowledged as a primary stakeholder in determining the core values that drive the programme. The main aim was to facilitate the young people to complete the junior and leaving certificate. Bluebell youth project, which opened its new building in 2011 was the main driver of the Yeah project. The Yeah project finished in 2016.

Education and Family Project

In 2016 after research and collaboration between the three youth projects, Rialto Youth Project, Core Youth Services and Bluebell Youth project the Education and Family project was established.

The Education & Family Projects main aim is to support parents living in the Canal Communities (Bluebell, Inchicore & Rialto) to support their children in Education.

Parents can be referred by schools, agencies or services or they can make a self referral. We meet with parents & referring agencies to identify presenting needs for family and our intervention is tailored to address these.

We provide direct support to parents to build their capacity to engage with schools, service and agencies who can support the parent & child’s education needs.

Support is provided to parents using a range of methods which include; 1:1 work, group work, Meitheal meetings, inter-agency meetings, advocacy, Non – Violence Resistance (NVR) access to education resources, home-visits & accompanying parents to meetings.

The Education & Family Project also promotes the importance of Education within the Canal Communities through its campaign work.


Natasha Shelley

Natasha has worked with CCRYS since 2010. She was the Yeah Project Co-ordinator before taking up the role of Education and Family project worker.

Imelda O’Keeffe

Imelda has worked with CCRYS since 2016. Previous to this she has worked in a number of managerial roles in youth projects city wide.

Lynsey Holmes

Lynsey joined CCRYS in September 2019, she is the manager of Bluebell Youth Project having previously worked in youth projects in Ballymun and Ballyfermot.

Education changes everything

Education is the single most important thing you can do to change a child's present and future prospects.

  • If you want to alleviate poverty, invest in a child’s education.
  • If you want to boost confidence and ambition, invest in education
  • If you want to tackle social problems, invest in education.
  • If you want to make a society more equal, invest in education.
  • If you want to boost income, invest in education.
  • If you want better health outcomes, invest in education.
  • If you want to protect girls and promote gender equality, invest in education.

Education is the great multiplier of benefits.
It will deliver social and economic dividends for generations.

The barriers to education

Most families in Rialto, Inchicore and Bluebell highly value education and most of the children do well in school. But there are difficult, complex and systemic problems that cause, or contribute to, under-performance by some in school or education drop-out. Inequality, poverty, unemployment, poor housing conditions, violence and intimidation, gang grooming, serious drug and addiction issues all contribute to pushing education down the priority list for some families.

The consequences of poor education

The evidence is clear – poor attainment at school, leaving school early, lack of formal qualifications or training, all lead to unemployment, poorly-paid employment, greatly-reduced opportunities in adult life and in some cases, poor and dangerous choices.

Why some families struggle more than others

As in many other communities around Ireland, there is a small number of parents and guardians who face really diicult challenges like illiteracy, bereavement, relationship breakdown, poor social skills, mental health problems, housing and homelessness – they just need a little more support, information and encouragement when it comes to ensuring their children gets to school, stays in school and performs to their potential.

Education in Inchicore, Bluebell and Rialto

Research tells us that our areas are considered to have particularly high levels of educational disadvantage and educational underachievement – the number of local residents who leave school at 15 or under is considerably higher than the national average, and the number of local residents progressing onto Third Level education is considerably lower than the national average. However, in general, school attendance levels hold up well against the national average (slightly below). But there are children and families on the extreme margins who need particular help.

Grass roots work, face-to-face with families and school goers

The most important work is face-to-face with local families, teachers, educators and school settings.

This vital community work is the main engine that drives local efforts to keep children in school and families engaged.

We’ll produce helpful tools to assist families and children

We’ll be supporting local families with quality accessible information, advice and practical help.

We’ll publish practical fact sheets, helpful leaflets and toolkits for parents and guardians.

We’ll be active online and on social media

This site is our digital home. But we’ll be busy on social media – like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – and we’ll be making helpful educational and promotional videos and blogs.

Awareness campaign so that education is valued and owned locally

We’ll also be running a low-key, on-going local public awareness campaign.

Over time, we’ll help build a strong sense of a locally-owned and locally-shaped commitment to education.

We’ll run education-themed community events and celebrations

It’s vital that landmark rituals and events happen where the community gathers, takes stock and celebrates local ownership of education and the achievements of children and young adults.

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